And the Award... Just Goes

"Awards don’t mean a goddamn thing. It’s stupid, they’re all stupid. All of the award shows on TV. Honestly, it’s beyond me that we feel the need to set aside a night to give out these jaggoff bowling trophies six times a year."    - Jerry Seinfeld

Yup, that about sums it up.  Did you watch the Grammys?  I caught about 5 mintues of it.  Not because I'm a snob and didn't want to watch.  I didn't have to.  I got the updates on winners from Social Media.  And all the Red Carpet arrival pics were posted seemingly before the first award was given.   All the pre-show hype pretty much nailed who was going to win... so that drama was gone.   So,  to me it was just an excuse to people-watch.  And I can do that just about anywhere.

"Awards are meaningless to me, and I have nothing but disdain for anyone who actively campaigns to get one."  - Bill Murray

Look, if I am ever nominated for a Major Award, I'll probably shit my pants.  And, if that ever happens, I can make two iron-clad predictions.  1 - I'd want to win.   And, 2 - if I lose, I'd be pissed (Ain't that right, Cam Newton?)   BUT... if that never happens, I will not consider my career a faliure.   And if you call Bull Shit on that... just consider that Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, Gary Oldman, and Ed Harris (just to name a few) have never won Oscars.  Would you call them failures?  Me neither.

"I don't know when acting came to be more about awards than the work.  Judging who's better than the other person shouldn't be part of why we're doing this job.  It should be about entertaining people."   - Anna Paquin

And Anna's got an Oscar, by the way.  

I'm happy for the winners, especially Meghan Trainor and T-Swift.  Well deserved, indeed.  But I think to the average fan, it doesn't mean anything.  You like who you like and a Grammy or Emmy or Tony or Oscar or Certificate of Participation won't change that.   Truth be told, if the Red Carpet arrivals shows ever stop, I think we'd see audience fall off as well.   So... take award shows in stride.  Celebrate the winners... for about an hour.  And then, get back to the grind of making your own dreams happen.  - MO