Oh, By The Way, I'm Leaving For Good ... Bye!

"A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers." -  Plato

BUT... Plato was never offered a pile of money from Good Morning America.  That's why Michael Strahan said "Adios!" to Live with Kelly and Michael.  So.. let's break this all down, shall we?   First off, you can't fault Strahan for taking the B.B.D.  (bigger, better deal).  You'd take it, too believe me.  But it's the how this all went down that remains the turd in the daytime punch bowl.  If you are leaving your co-worker and friend of four years, you might wanna let them know BEFORE alerting the media.  That wasn't fair to Kelly Ripa and was just flat out shitty on the part of Disney.

"Never make a major decision based solely on money." - Chuck Noll

Oh if only the former New York Giant listened to this NFL coaching legend.  Money talks and bullshit walks.  We all know that.  But what is the price tag on professionalism these days?  Is there one?  Or does such a creature (being a true pro) even exist anymore?  And I'm not joking when I ask this.  When Miss USA wants to add a 52nd contestant via a Twitter search... is anything sacred anymore?  I'd like to think common courtesy and basic professional decency is still prevalent in today's world.  But.. with each Hollywood remake, new reality show, or decision based on "How can I get mine?" from star and commoner alike...  I'm really having my doubts.

"When something is a vocation, you don't really make a decision about it." -  Cate Blanchett

And THAT brings me to the V.S.I (vested self-interest) portion of our program.  Strahan's Live seat isn't even cold yet, and already the names are flying for his replacement.  Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, and Andy Cohen among them.  What... do you have to be a gay white man to be considered?  My hope is Gelman and the brain-trust that just shafted Ripa will have the good sense to do the same thing now as they did to find Strahan when Regis signed off.  Dozens of guys were brought in from all areas to "test" for the spot.  And I want one of those men to be me.  I've got 20 years of broadcast experience and, as these blogs CLEARLY show, I'm not afraid to voice my opinion.  Thanks to the expert teaching of the uber-fabulous Marki Costello, I'm skilled in the ways of the hosting Force.  So... why NOT me?  The e-mail's on this site... be in touch, Disney!  - MO