The Rehash of a Reboot Ahead of The Remake

"Change begets change as much as repetition reinforces repetition." - Bill Drayton

For the Love of God... shoot me now.  You know, maybe it IS just me.  Maybe I'm missing the boat on all these reboots, remakes or reimaginings.  Perhaps it is I who fail to see the forest for the trees in this endless landscape of "been there, done that... so let's do it again."  Could it be that all my effort, energy and exasperation has been for naught against the tidal wave of recreation in Hollywood?  Um... Fuck no!

"My greatest fear: repetition." -  Max Frisch

Mine, too, Max.  To wit... I give you this latest fodder for my remake consternation.  Variety reports a fresh, new take on "Predator" is coming to a theatre near you in March 2018.  And here's the verbatim quote from director Shane Black from the article:

"“It’s not to ‘improve,’ it’s [to] make it fun, make it different, make it organically different,” he told ComingSoon. “So what’s the extension of it that makes sense, that’s exciting? There have been a lot of changes to Stan [Winston]’s design over the years. These different Predator movies have done different things.”

Are you fucking kidding me?!  So the central thesis of Black's rationale for remaking the Schwarzenegger classic is,  "I wanna remake it differently."  Um, what?  There already was a sequel... AND several pairings between said interstellar badass and a few aliens.  Let me take a stab at the plot lines of your "new take" there padawan.  Um... big, scary fucking monster uses amazing technology to kill people.  Then is killed by our hero in an epic showdown.   Think I'm close?  Perhaps.   All I can add to this is a line from the original "Predator" staring the Governator himself - as far as how I think audiences will react to seeing this movie - "You're one ugly motherfucker."   - MO