We're Only Laughing Because We're Too Pissed To Cry

"Man, I'm tired of being right."  - Ace Ventura

I know, I know... this horse has been beaten to a mashed, thin pulp.  But when The Hollywood Reporter serves up a quote like this, I can't help but puff up my chest and say, "See, damn it... I was right!"  It deals with the top 20 quotes from Jimmy Kimmel as he hosted the annual ABC Upfront gathering (which touts the networks upcoming shows and plans).  And this is his quote:

"In order for broadcast television to survive, we have to stay current, and that's why we are bringing you fresh, new shows like MacGyver, Prison Break, 24, Training Day, The $100,000 Pyramid and Match Game."

Uh huh.  Just like the movie studios, television studios are still mired in the senseless malaise that is "remake regurgitation."  And what does it tell you that, if they're willing to openly JOKE about it... what's  the level of respect studios are giving you, the viewer?  In a word - NONE.  Zero fucks given.  And... they're laughing about it, too.  They KNOW they're tapped out when it comes to creativity (or should I say willingness to TRY anything new).  And you're just expected to sit, take it, and, oh yeah, please watch.

"I'm not going to disrespect you, don't disrespect me." -  DMX

Seriously Hollywood... I give up.  And I'm throwing in the towel because I know that you know that WE know you're out of ideas.  I'm sure all the studio execs and big wigs will say, "this is a business where millions of dollars and thousands of jobs are on the line.  Every move we make it calculated and only done after countless hours of planning and discussion."  Yeah, no shit.  That's true for any business.  But you know what other businesses are doing?  Taking risks, rolling out new products, and giving their consumers what THEY are asking for.  I know there's a lot at stake.  We all do.  And you know what else we all know?  We want to see something fresh, new and creative.  And.. if we want to take a visit down memory lane to our favorite movie or show... there's Hulu, DVD, Netfilx, On Demand, YouTube, VHS, TV Land, HBO, TBS, Comedy Central, Cinemax, Showtime...  get the picture?  -MO