When A Ban Is More (Or Less) Than Just A Ban

"“I think at this point, we are perfectly satisfied with not having him on.” - Seth Meyers

So... Late Night talks shows are political?  In other news, water found to be wet.  This week Seth Meyers said "The Donald" is now persona non grata on his NBC talker "The Late Show."  Meyers told Variety the move comes in response to Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric.  Here's what he told Variety, "To be clear, this is bigotry, plain and simple. To claim that any group of people — immigrants or anyone else — has anything in common with a terrorist murderer simply based on their ethnic background or religion … is dangerous and wrong.”  If you know physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Which leads us to this...

"I only like doing shows with good ratings."  - Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, it's a lesson in futility to try an out quote The Donald.  And, in the interest of fair and balanced reporting (something that the field of journalism has lacked in recent years in my opinion) here's what Trump told Variety, "He has begged me to do the show for the last two years. I have told him emphatically ‘no.' I only like doing shows with good ratings, which as everybody knows, I only make better (by a lot)."  So.. who wins this battle of the babblers?  I would argue both... at first.  But.. there is a clear winner and loser in all this wether you want to admit it or not.

"Rhetoric is the art of ruling the minds of men." -  Plato

You winner is:  Trump.  Why?  Simple, if Meyers wants any shot at keeping up in the Late Night races, the battle for the White House this November is (basically) down to two.  SO... if Trump makes the rounds on every show BUT yours... you lose.  AND.... IF Trump becomes President, Meyers is really screwed.  Keep in mind folks, these observations of mine are NOT based on any political leanings.  These are simple TV ratings facts and musings.  Meyers is NOT the powerhouse of a Fallon, Kimmel or O'Brien.  To be honest, hearing this latest kerfuffle served to remind me that Meyers still has a show.  So.. yeah, it gives him his 15 seconds.  But... as outspoken as Colbert et al have been, you did NOT hear them serve up a ban of Trump.  And now you know why.  I applaud Meyers for striking while the iron was hot... but ultimately, it will be sound and fury signifying nothing.  - MO