And I Sarcastically Endorse This Message

"A fool and his money are soon elected." -  Will Rogers

Okay, so now, both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are in the books.  While there's no surprise we'll see Trump v. Clinton in November, what many keep talking about is which Hollywood stars took part in the political pomp and circumstance.  The most notable of these (in my opinion) was the flip-flopping Sarah Silverman.  She was allll about Feeling the Bern... until she hit the stage in Philadelphia.  Not only did...

The Only Con is To Pitch Original Comic Ideas

"Originality usually amounts only to plagiarizing something unfamiliar." -  Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould

Ah, yet another San Diego ComicCon is in the books.  And, as a Sci-Fi geek on the DL, I loved hearing and reading and seeing all that would and could be new with some beloved franchises.  But, we also had some "losers" from this year, too.  With that in mind, I found myself drawn to the recap from The Hollywood Reporter.  So, here is one of their SDCC "Loser" selections (with my...

When Tradition Means Nothing and Everything

"It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition." -  Henry James

Think of the most established traditions in Hollywood and what they mean.  Now, take all those traditions, shit on them, and flush them away.  That's my take on the way things seem to be going in La-La land these days.  But it's not just the relentless spew of remake, reboots and rehashes.  It is the need (or want) to change the established (and loved) elements of our favorite medium wether we want it or...