And I Sarcastically Endorse This Message

"A fool and his money are soon elected." -  Will Rogers

Okay, so now, both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are in the books.  While there's no surprise we'll see Trump v. Clinton in November, what many keep talking about is which Hollywood stars took part in the political pomp and circumstance.  The most notable of these (in my opinion) was the flip-flopping Sarah Silverman.  She was allll about Feeling the Bern... until she hit the stage in Philadelphia.  Not only did she flip faster than a circus acrobat, she lashed out at the VERY group from which she just bolted.  And what did she get for calling those pesky Sanders' supporters ridiculous?  Hacked.  But, is she surprised?  Sanders has appealed to the younger generation... who have plenty of free time AND the wherewithal to crack your Twitter password!

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap." -  Napoleon Bonaparte

It just occurred to me as I added that quote that NO political party has ever held its national convention in Waterloo, Iowa.  Huh, go figure.  So... were YOU surprised by who appeared on stage to give their political endorsements?  Can't say that I was.  Although I really, really, REALLY did not get the Scott Baio choice.  What, was Gary Busey booked?  At least HE would have been fun to watch!  And I feel totally disappointed that Katy Perry didn't have any dancing Donkeys on stage with her at the DNC.  C'mon... Roar with the likes of Left Ass!  Man, how quickly we forget the internet surge of Left Shark after the Super Bowl.  THAT was a big opportunity missed... and at least would have made that night of coverage more interesting!

"Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least." -  Robert Byrne

And is seems like that's more true than ever THIS year.  But... I will not give my endorsement to anyone at this time.  I will say, I DO know for whom I am voting in November.  And if YOU don't yet... that's fine.  Just steer passed the celebrity smoke screens and take a look at each candidate, their track records, and their plans for this Nation.  They are decidedly different... so, as the old man said in "The Last Crusade" you must "choose wisely."  I will also tell you, I kind of envy you if you're stll on the fence.  Why?  Because you, of all people, will get the most out of what is to be one of the most contentious political seasons we've seen in a long, long time.   Screw watching all those shitty reality TV shows (and, let's face it they are ALL shitty) THIS will be live AND impactful.  Only then may you finally decided if you're with her OR looking to make America great again.  As for me, I'll be working on my snark and sarcasm (which is code for having a beer and taking notes for blogs and shows to come)!  - MO