Original Funny Kills 'Em Every Time

"Comedy is underrepresented in every actor's life, because it's so bloody difficult to write."  - Michael Caine

In what was (to me) the easiest thing to predict from this past weekend was the slide of Suicide Squad at the box office (in fact audiences dropped off by 67.3%).  Face it, the fanboys who wanted to see it (a time or two) did so on its opening weekend.  But was DID shock me a bit was the surge of Sausage Party.  Whoa... holy funny shit, Batman.  Then I got to thinking... that's it.  It's funny and it's original.  No wonder it cleaned up at the box office.  I mean, Pete's Dragon was a "re-imagining" anyway, and Bad Moms did well, so the success of Sausage makes perfect sense.

"Comedy is a very rough beat.  It's no holds barred, as it should be." - Joan Rivers

So let's cut into the success of Sausage, shall we?  Most (and by this, I'm talking to YOU critics) panned it as raunchy, juvenile and crude.  Well, it looks like that's just what movie-goers were looking for in this rather lack-luster summer.  I mean, if you cut out the comic book flicks, there's not a whole lot out there to pique your fancy.  Jason Bourne?  Yeah, that was good.  Finding Dory and Zootopia?  Good but geared (rightfully so) toward a younger demographic.  So what's left? Yeah, not much.  So... I say kudos to the folks who made Party happen.  It tapped into that vein that made The Hangover soar and saw the likes of We're the Millers and Horrible Bosses pull in piles of cash.  Know what I'm saying? 

"Comedy is the ultimate anarchist." - Tim Allen

And that's it.  Comedy is the one vehicle where it's okay to say "Fuck you, I'm doing this."  Raunchy food and innuendo?  Fuck yeah!  What else you got?  That's the wheelhouse for movies like this.  AND... I'll go so far as to say it'll be number one next week.  Disagree?  Who's gonna beat it?  Not Squad (hell, look at its drop-off already).  The new releases?  Kubo (animated for the kids), Ben Hur (a really, really, really unnecessary remake) or War Dogs?  Don't think so.  AND... it'll spawn a sequel or spin-off movie, you watch.  But see, that's where it will fail.  Lightning in a bottle is just that... a flash that hits at just the right moment.  You go to the well too often and Timmy tends to fall in it.  No bueno.   - MO