They're Gonna Put Me in The Movies And Make a Big Star Outta Me

"Great geniuses have the shortest biographies." -  Ralph Waldo Emerson

We get word today from our friends at Variety that a bio-pic of the great Stan Lee is in the works.  As I tweeted (@Tfullysarcastic) this is both predictable AND long overdue.  If you don't know (and reside under a column of large rocks) Lee is the mastermind behind comic book greats such as Iron Man, Spider Man, Thor and Captain America.  I, for one, don't know too much about his early years, so I think a movie about his life might be interesting.  At the very least, it won't be a remake!  

"Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written." -  Mark Twain

So... this got me a-thinkin'... what bio-pics do we also need to see?  I think it's still too early to see films on the life of Oprah, Tom Hanks, Cher or Quincy Jones.  The biggest reason - they're all STILL ALIVE.  I know what you're now saying - Stan Lee ain't dead yet, asshole.  I know, calm down.  But with all his comic-based projects raking it in at the box office and toy store alike, it makes sense to get it done now.    Just like it makes sense to have Sully done right now.  Did YOU know the full story behind the Miracle on the Hudson?  Neither did I.  AND the real Sully served as an advisor... which I bet kinda helped.

"Read no history: nothing but biography, for that is life without theory." -  Benjamin Disraeli

Back to the question at hand -- who needs a bio-pic now?  A few names immediately come to mind:  Joan Rivers, Johnny Carson, Michael Jackson, Prince and David Bowie.  And, I'd bet money somewhere most, if not all, of those movies are in development right now.  But what about some less-than obvious names?  I'd argue Steve Irwin, Corey Haim, Tony Scott and Kenny Baker would make interesting film fodder.  The Crocodile Hunter - that would he was beloved.  Haim (one of the two Coreys) met his end in the same fashion as River Phoenix (who, himself, would be a good film subject, too).  Tony Scott - because his death was so shocking and his career was so noteworthy.  And yes, Kenny Baker.  If you're asking "who?" this time... you're really not a Star Wars fan (like me).    Baker was the actor inside R2-D2 folks.  Yes... INSIDE that quirky little droid.  Baker, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 81, had a pretty impressive career both inside and outside of R2.  The only issue - finding someone his size (Baker was only 3'8") to play him.  But, don't you think picking the right actor (with the right look) makes all the difference anyway?  If you say no, I recommend you watch Ray and Beyond the Sea. - MO