And the Award... Just Goes

"Awards don’t mean a goddamn thing. It’s stupid, they’re all stupid. All of the award shows on TV. Honestly, it’s beyond me that we feel the need to set aside a night to give out these jaggoff bowling trophies six times a year."    - Jerry Seinfeld

Yup, that about sums it up.  Did you watch the Grammys?  I caught about 5 mintues of it.  Not because I'm a snob and didn't want to watch.  I didn't have to.  I got the updates on winners from Social Media.  And all the Red Carpet arrival pics...

Where Tasteful Meets Sarcastic

“Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do.”   Johnny Carson

Here it is... welcome to the world of Tastefully Sarcastic.  This is THE site where the reality is harsh, the comments are poignant, and the bullshit is pretty deep.  BUT... if you revel in this Wear-a-helmet, Everyone-Gets-A-Trophy, Reality-Obsessed, Politically Correct malaise that so many do in this Nation… You might want to stop reading right now.  This ain't Pinterest... and this damn sure ain't The Real...